Student films draw big crowd at MAAC

It was standing room only at the Middletown Area Arts Collective Friday for the kick off of the Traveling Diamonds movie roadshow, a collection of 13 short films by students at Temple University. 

Extra chairs had to be brought into the spacious gallery seat everyone.

 “This is the first time we’ve had strangers come to see our films, and then had them come up to us afterward to say they enjoyed it,” said Max Einhorn of Middletown, chief director of the Traveling Diamonds show and producer of one of the films. 

“It’s a great feeling.”

The films premiered at the show were created by students at Temple University where Einhorn is studying film, mostly as class projects. Most had only been seen in classrooms or by family members.

Einhorn organized The Traveling Diamonds exhibition to promote student work from Temple. 

The show was an out-of-classroom experiment in professional film for these talented Temple students.

“You could say that this whole festival is a training experience,” said Daniel Speers, director of the short film “Clara Te Foveo.” “By showing our work on the road we’re training for the next film and the next one after that, working our way up to feature-length productions.”

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