With remarkable special effects and a mind-blowing premise, Infinite far exceeds the traditional student film and ventures into the realm of epic fantasies.

Major Adam Fossy has awakened from hyper-sleep in the heart of a deep space probe to find his mission to collect evidence of extraterrestrial life has inexplicably and suddenly halted. Advised by F-MAN, an infinitely advanced artificial intelligence, Fossy contemplates his dilemma until a close encounter with an unknown being offers him an option: follow into the abyss or stay on the ship to continue with the mission. Fossy walks the line between illusion and delusion, fact and faith. Trillions of miles away, the impossible is inevitable.

Production Start: January 2011
Genre: Sci-Fi Narrative 
Studio: Swift Speers Productions 
Filming Location: Reading, Pennsylvania

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Special thanks to the following supporters who made INFINITE possible:

Pauline & Fred Speers
Ben & Sue Champion
Karl & Kelly Beiler
Nikki & Conrad Kraybill
Andrew Champion
 Layne Champion
Megan Effing Farber
Brandon Budda
Nick Groch
Paul Emmett
Gillian Speers

Dave Drinkwater
Christina Kinsch
Noah Temple
Missy Furth
The Burkholder family
Marcela Champion 
Todd Champion
Chaplain Eric Bey
Christopher Bilezikian
Garrett Fittizzi
Jason Tremblay

Micky Beerhalter
Ray Reese
Joanne Clendining
Kordel Eberly
Becky Ferrier
Robyn & RJ Saunders
David & Gail Swift
Mr. & Mrs. D’orsaneo
David Speers
Heather Todd
Cara Trabucco

Max Einhorn
Brandon Budda
Erin Mckemey
Andrew Swift
David Cline
Kathryn Burkholder
Eran Preis
Rodney Evans
Drew Shankweiler
Reading City Church
Erin Mckemey

The Men and Women of 1-12 CAB and 215th FSB U.S. Army
Partial funding provided by the Philadelphia Independent Film & Video Association-PIFVA and the Wyncote Foundation

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Written & Directed by:
Daniel Speers

Produced by: 
Justin Fortmeier
Kelly Harrington Beiler
Noah Temple

Mark Kochanowicz as Adam Fossey
Peter Phillips as F-MAN
Brian Fifield as F-MAN’s Voice
Bekka Prewitt as Alien Voice

Nick Groch
Jonathan Stoltzfus
Joanne Clendining

Director of Photography: 
Andrew Shankweiler
Matt Joffe

Costume Design by: 
Erin McKemey

Production Design by: 
Gillian Speers

Set Construction by: 
Tony Dilenno
Rob Coller
Katheryn Burkholder

Visual Effects by: 
Taylor Lisney
Jordan Service

Editing by: 
Paul Emmett
Benjamin Zachery

Original Score by: 
David Decker

Sound Editing by: 
Matt Martin
Tom Paolantonio

Color by: 
Nardeep Khurmi

Poster Design by: 
Melissa Hernandez