Containing brilliant acting by the entire cast and phenomenal direction by Speers, Guests of a Nation stands out as a true masterpiece.

Based on the Frank O'Conner short story, Guests of a Nation is the short film adaptation of the classic story. Taking place during the Irish War for Independence, two Irish soldiers hold two British POW's secure at a remote home, the four become quick friends despite the situation. Jeremiah Donovan however brings them some unwelcome news...

Frank O'Connor's story is a testament to the literature and in its pages, exposes the compassion, frailty, and complications of humanity. It is this quality of conflict, both external and internal, that Guests Of A Nation brings to the screen.


Production Start:  April 2012
Genre:  Historical Fiction 
Swift Speers Productions & Great Place Productions
Filming Location: 
Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site


Behind the scenes: 


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Directed by: 
Daniel Speers

Original Story by:
Frank O'conner

Screenplay by:
Alex Gibson

Produced by: 
Alex Peck
Kelly Harrington Beiler
Alex Gibson

Executive Producer:
Rodney Evans

Mark Sullivan as Bonaparte
Jon Mulhearn as Hawkins
Andrew Breving as Belcher
Todd Lawson as Donovan
Conor Fallon as Noble

Shawn Feehly
Nick Groch

Director of Photography: 
Matt Joffe

1st Assistant Directors:
Max Einhorn 
David Speers 

2nd Assistant Director:
Cara Trabucco

Editing by:
Benjamin Musser

Costume Design by: 
Erin McKemey

Original Score by: 
Robert Whalen

Production Design by: 
Gillian Speers

Set Dressing by: 
Katheryn Burkholder

Hair & Makeup: 
Megan Effing Farber

Graphic Design by: 
Jason Lorne Giles

Sound Editing by: 
Matt Martin
Tom Paolantonio

Color by: 
Ben Updegrove

Weapons Expert: 
Darrell Harvey

Catering provided by: 
Nikki Kraybill 
Pauline Speers

Sound by: 
Matt Martin
Doug Horvat

Sound Design by:
Johnny Pease

Location Scouting: 
Luke J Marron

1st AC:
Gino Varisano 
Andy Hoffman

Phil Tartaglione

Best Boy Grip:
David Greenplate

Andrew Joffe 
Billy Kohler
Antonio Jimen