Daniel Speers

The camera that shot Lawrence of Arabia.


Working as a Roustabout building production pads.

Daniel Speers is an Independent Writer/Director from Downingtown, PA who enlisted in the Army at age 19. He was decorated for two deployments to Baghdad and Baquba, Iraq , where he spent a total of 27 months serving as a Chaplain's Assistant.

 After his military career he enrolled at Temple University's school for Film and Media Arts where he pursued his passion of story telling. In all, he directed four ambitious student films ranging from a historic period piece to a Sci-Fi set in the distant future.

In the summer of 2011 he moved from Philadelphia to Los Angeles for two internships with established production companies.

In 2013 He moved to Williston ND to pursue work in the oilfield in order to start a family with a living wage.  

He currently lives and works in Williston ND.  

David Speers

David Speers is an Independent Film Maker from Downingtown PA. He studied Film and Photography at the Pennsylvania State University where he founded the first student run television network, PSNtv, that established nearly a dozen television shows completely produced by students. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2004 with high honors.

During his junior year he started his first company, Big Big Technical, a web-development and design firm. In 2005 he joined a technology startup that developed online music stores. In 2007 he joined Avenue-A-Razorfish, at the time the largest online digital marketing and management company in the world. In 2010 he became the Digital Marketing Manager for one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the country, Victory Brewing Company. 

He started working on Independent Films with his brother Daniel  and sister Gillian in 2007. In all he's worked on dozens of productions including a Super Bowl commercial (Chevy Silverado) and an award winning short film (Divided).

He currently lives and works in Philadelphia. 


Gillian Speers

Gillian Speers is an award winning set designer and art director from Downingtown, PA. In middle school she earned a placement to attend the prestigious Tyler School of Art and Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.

After high school Gillian attended The Pennsylvania State University where she designed her own major combining Architecture, Graphic Design and Liberal Arts. In her junior year Speers was selected out of thousands of applicants to intern for Saturday Night Live.

Upon graduation in 2008 she began her apprenticeship under the Emmy nominated production designers of Saturday Night Live and took on the role of art directing the popular SNL Digital Short segments.

Gillian has been collaborating on independent films with her brothers since 2008 while designing for projects ranging from music videos to reality TV shows.

Most recently she received an Art Directors Guild award for outstanding set design. She currently lives and works in Philadelphia.